Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

Matthew Arnold

I feel for you because I’m on the sex offender registry for life in Utah for a crime I committed 9 years ago, So I know all about s!@# that goes bing on there, I am no longer on supervision by the state and no longer required to go to sex offender group therapy but it still is prevalent in my life and have relentless life long requirement to register every 6 months, I spent a year in the salt Lake County jail and 3 years of zero tolerance probation and after my sentence was over in 2012 I still get kicked in the head by society and when I first moved into my apartment in Tooele Utah my next door neighbor went and blabbed to the entire apartment complex and told everyone that I was a registered sex offender! I totally resented her for that and they knew my name before a could introduce myself! I have a hard time getting dates with someone because of status and had very little luck finding a job because of me being on the the registry, as result of my neighbors big mouth I’m targeted for all kinds harassment be everyone! So I feel your pain lucky I did find a job and they know about what happened and they still let me work for them! So my suggestion is count your blessings, name them one by one and see what the Lord has done (I’m not Mormon by the way I am a born again Christian) what I’m trying to say is thank the Lord for what he did provide for you in your life!