Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

H n H

It makes one wonder if the powers to be haven’t raised children to such a high social status that everyone else is just dirt, and no matter what, doing everything short of killing them is what they deserve….

ALL of these laws are based on emotion, the registry included (that’s a fact by the lack of addressing all empirical evidence for the uselessness of the registries existence they refuse to accept). The courts HAVE to see how much damage this is causing people. They refuse to accept the truth of the registry (that’s it’s a punishment) and look the other way to continue the fiasco. That is corruption at the lowest level.

The courts don’t care how much trauma a girl goes through if the defendant has the strength to take the case to trial. Also, the courts sure don’t care about the damage done to the defendants life they set out to destroy. When the court is done shaming the girl on the stand by forcing her to admit to a sexual dalliance she was responsible for, they then turn and look at the defendant and say all this trauma they just forced this girl to endure is his fault! What on earth is wrong with the system? Are they that blind? Or is hatred just so easy of an emotion for rational people to fall into that they can’t help themselves, thus making the charges and subsequent punishments GROSSLY over exaggerated?

That said, who’s to blame for this society blessed hatred? It’s as though the entire court room, and judicial branch is just a huge lure for parents to express their unbridled hatred towards a simple mistake someone made in their life. The parents obviously can’t control their daughter, so they drag some helpless, clueless soul into court for their own teenagers promiscuity. Beings they can’t raise their children properly, the courts have to do so. Only it isn’t the teenager who takes the fall. If people had the one simple fact of the human race in their mind (that basically most all people are good), then there should be an avenue for such a person to rebuild their lives after the courts have their way by destroying it.