Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

NH Registrant

I made a huge mistake recently. I befriended a guy my own age online recently and thought he was a decent guy. Sure, he had his problems, but he seemed on the level. So, I shared with him the details of my false conviction and the evidence that was planted on me. Now I feel like an idiot.

We had a parting of the ways. Other people who were his friends – and didn’t know about my conviction – had problems with me personally out of jealousy due to how close I was becoming with THEIR friend. So, they badmouthed me and soon I was no longer this guy’s friend. He used the logic of being friends with THEM longer than with me. So, recently, this guy had an issue with me and was spying on me in a public chat room. He went on a tear and blurted out about every detail of what happened to me! I couldn’t believe it! I really should have known better than to trust ANYONE online that I don’t know with details about me: my real name was included, but thankfully not in his rant. He even has my picture! So, if this guy wanted to, he could ruin my life.

This is where the registry comes in. The crime I got convicted of was a simple possession of materials crime. No manufacturing. No dissemination. Nothing. But, me being on the Registry for life will always make me someone who has to constantly hide from society. It’s never been more clear to me about that than now. If this guy felt like it, he could expose my REAL NAME to anyone he wanted. So, thanks to the Registry, those people could track me down and do who-knows-what to me or my family! Is this justice? Is it right that I have to hide for the rest of my life from society because of some images that I never downloaded? Even if I HAD downloaded the images, is it still right? I don’t think so. The Registry doesn’t include politicians, wealthy people, police & other public servants, and people in the entertainment industry who have committed FAR worse crimes – some with ABSOLUTELY no remorse! Even the family members of public figures and authorities get excused from the Registry if they have committed sex crimes.

It’s really stunning how low our society has sunk and how much it HASN’T evolved from those fateful times in Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600’s.