Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

H n H

We have a new administration in office. I wonder if a petition of redress for all these sex “crimes” isn’t in order? At what age does a girl become culpable for her actions? Well, if she’s 14 or 15 and kills someone, the courts will have a field day in an attempt to adjudicate her as an adult. If she willingly, and forcefully makes unwanted advances towards an older man and forces him to touch her, then instantly she’s a “victim”. Victim… don’t make me go there, it’s a rant I won’t stop with. The courts have USED the “sex” hysteria to abuse their powers to inflate their own agenda to make any event where a sex body part is involve into a crime. It is NOT… I repeat NOT EVER (EVER!!!!!) about protecting a promiscuous girl, or stopping her from destroying mens lives. She receives no punishment, except maybe from her parents, and that’s little to none as the detectives direct the girl that she doesn’t have to discuss anything about the case with them. This isn’t’ anything about what she is responsible for, the game is for the courts to play to destroy a life for their gain.

Sadly, this country is headed with its sex offenses where it was with segregation back in the 60’s. The courts, DA’s, even parents LOVE this crap. It justifies their anger for what their daughter did and what they obviously can’t control. They can pin it all on one man and destroy his life, all while crying “This is what you get, you harmed a child!!” If the Supreme court doesn’t put their foot down to all these emotionally founded sex “crimes”, let alone the registry, then there will soon come a day when nearly half the citizens are on the registry. It’s just a matter of time. I don’t see the registry numbers going down any.

Just a last thought, what’s wrong with a federal mandatory age of culpability for involvement in these events that lead to an arrest?