Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

A miserable wife

My husband has to register for life also. But when he was paroled his green sheet said he had to register for the length of his parole. Now he his tier 3 when he was the child and he was 17 she got him drunk as a kid she was 25 she slept with him yelled raped because he told her he was going to let his cousin know what they did ( she was dating the cousin at the time). She tried to retract it but they said she would be charged so she was scared and kept the charges. When he was 16 he went with his same cousin who was grown at the time and did a robbery. He did do that so they scared him into a plea with no lawyer and his mom was on drugs so he had no one. He wanted to do his time for the robbery but not the rape so they lowered the charges and told him if he didn’t take the plea they were going for the max sentence. So he took the plea as an adult. Wrong thing to do but he was young and scared. Now he is 40 been off parole since he was 27 and has not done anything since he was 17. 5 years in prison 5 years parole and 13 years with nothing not even a parking ticket. I have talked to her and she says how sorry she is but that doesn’t help our 4 children when they go to school or their friends see their dad on Megan’s law. It’s such a shame because they tell him he’s tier 3 because he did the robbery which has nothing to do with the charge of sexual misconduct. We need to take a stand!!! A miserable wife!!!