Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


Well I can say there are ways around sex offender harassment. You will always have to register. However you need to consider working for yourself if at all possible. You are gonna need to walk the straight and narrow for sure. You can start your business with a student loan if you have not burned that bridge already. I know this because I have a sex crime from when I was 18. I did 10yrs in prison and once I got out I went on a mission to save money. I literally had 50$ in my pocket when I got out and a job at waffle house. Less than 7 years later I am now proud to announce I own 3 rental properties as well as the house I live in. I achieved this through my roofing business which does not require a license in my state. See US Constitution says everyone has a right to make a living. Next year I will graduate from University of Houston with a 4 year administration degree and will have accumulated a significant debt. Here’s the screw you government of the story. Since I can’t get a real job and pay into social security there is really no way for the government to garnish my wages to recoup the student debt if I fail in life due to the harrasment. In 20 yrs I will own my rentals and can retire off of the money they generate every month. Very risky but what do we have to lose. You see if there is a will there’s a way. Banks don’t do background checks when they issue credit so if you just focus on yourself and keep your bills paid you can achieve anything. I can’t wait until a cop applies to rent one of my homes and they see how it feels to be denied just because I don’t like them. What goes around comes around in this world.