Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

Andrew D Olsen

I was forced to register in 2009 after my case was dismissed following a deferred imposition of sentence. No registration was required or ordered in my case. The registration was forced on me as a condition of bond in 2009 when I received a letter stating that I “may” have to register and to submit any documentation that I have that says I don’t. Well, I did and I was pretty much ignored, arrested, forced to register, then that case was dismissed…..Still on the registry! Now my life is a shambles. I have a chance to get off, but God knows if that will happen. If they hadn’t forced registry on me I would have gone home. The registry has kept me half a nation away from my family and loved ones. If I go home now I would be on the registry for life. Restrictions are far worse back home. I have fought and fought, but all that happens is basically “too bad”. What has happened to me makes a mockery of “justice”. To me there is no justice, only harassment and persecution