Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


Dear Shawna,

My name is James. In 2005 I was 22 and she 16 and very beautiful ….we was dating and having sex with her willing… Parents didn’t like it so they turn me in and they was very controlling… The investigator came and question me about us and told them everything by this time we wasn’t dating and she was 17 … They charged with sexual abuse 12–17 age and then when I pled out they change it to aggervated sexual abuse which makes me have to regster for life they gave 3 years with 2 years parole on ankle monitor…. I did my time and haven’t got into trouble since …. Besides getting arrested for being at a park as a s.o with my two boys now I’m on 5 year p.o…. With that all said this regerstration for life is unconstitutional….. How can tell me I can go some where here and there… And I want to show my boys how to hunt and fish ….show them the rules of guns…. A lot of it has to do with our over payed government….. If they had choice they would take on marshal law so that said the want control over every one ####### we all need stand up file a Class ACTION LAW suit against federal government…… George bush pushed this lifetime regerstration UNITED WE STAND