Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

John W

Hey Rajendra. I know what you’re saying. I was released from probation in 1991. To make a long story short, I was required to register in 2006 due to a Missouri Supreme Court decision. The CLEO actually assigns a date for me to report. On one occurrence, I had to work to 5pm and by the time I got to the police station, the door was locked. So I called them on the phone and I was told that the door is always locked at 4pm, even though there wasn’t a notice on the door stating any days or times.

When I went back the next day, I was informed that all my paperwork was already sent to the prosecutors office for failure to register, therefore, I’m not allowed to register. To make another long story short, after being intimidated, humiliated, belittled, and threatened to have my a__ beaten, they finally allowed me to re-register like it was the first time. The paperwork, picture, fingerprint, DNA, all over again.

Two weeks later, I got a letter from the PA that informed me that I had committed a felony which requires a prison sentence, but at this time, I will not be prosecuted. Therefore, he is placing me on an indefinite probation with a zero tolerance policy.

That happened 10 yrs ago, and I have been treated since, in a acceptable manner by the people working there. But, whenever I’m within 2 wks of my 90 day re-registration, I become anxious and depressed to the point of not eating or sleeping and by the time the registration day is here, my whole body is shaking. In order to live this way, I’ve put it in the back of my mind under the “Life Sucks!” file. It usually stays there 10 out of 12 weeks.

On a related subject, I watched the confirmation hearings today on CSPAN concerning our new attorney general. It doesn’t matter what the political affiliation is, I am afraid of the future.