Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

James Townsend

You know I like to put a bit of humor in everything it makes for a brighter day.. Can you all Desperado. You know I like to insert a bit of humor in all things. I’m sure those who wrote that song had troubles.
I wouldn’t even be on here if I hadn’t gotten caught up with all this sex hoopla. Anybody that actually hurts a little girl should be in pay some type of punishment but anybody that is duped well that’s another thing. Sex, Money and rock and Roll well that’s of the 70’s.
Do I believe all this sex offender stuff be abolished? To an extent as we are all sex offenders weather you know it or not. Money is the root of all evil.
Now I know some of you on here want to solve all this by man’s wisdom but you will never do it.
Even Brenda Jones didn’t know what to tell me or any advice to tell me when and if, as my probationer said, I had to I go back to court over.
Sure mankind is easy to give advice but that could be the wrong advice. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Man has always wanted to be right but when they are wrong they don’t really know how to swallow their pride. What more can I say with this sex offender ordeal….. we all live and learn…. wouldn’t it be funny if all the world learned the golden rule and practiced it, maybe this world wouldn’t be in this shape.