Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


The system is really messed up. The court likes to throw all they can to people with sex crime charges.

I took plea deal for low level felony and I’d already been incarcerated for nearly two years (waiting for the trial) which according to my lawyer was time served. But then I found out afterward that I was put in five more years of Probation.

The probation people like to give unnecessary trouble just to prove that they are overlords. Perhaps in the case of the individual in this article being a female, the system is somewhat lenient (maybe), otherwise, talking from my personal experience, the Probation is there to prove that the recidivism rate for people labeled as sex offender is very very high; became they (can) violate probationees for nonsense stuff, like failing to pay probation fee when unemployed (I kid you not, I was warned on multiple occasions), etc.