Reply To: From RSOL to NARSOL, but why?

Dave D

Registered Citizen is a great term for someone on the registry it helps to point out the unconstitutionality of the registry as all citizens are not registered it is a violation of equal protections/rights for anyone to be. The only problem I can think of with the new terminology is it will be a while before regular folks know who you are talking about. Registered voters? Car registration? It does not describe what kind of registration it is. Don’t get me wrong I would rather it not I just think it will make it harder for us to get our point across when talking about our selves if they do not know who we are and that is the people known as ” Sex Offenders” I would recommend the combination of both until it takes hold in the PC world but don’t be surprised if the PC people reject it and what a hipocrisy that would be.