Reply To: NARSOL board retreat paves path for future growth, success


I am a 70 year old female, and never had any idea of the workings of the criminal justice system. When one of my family member got into trouble; I got a good education. The sex offender registry seems to set one up for failure, and a return to incarceration. The sex offender publicity is reminiscent of the “Witch Hunts”. I think that most low lever offenders try to “stay compliant”, but the requirements put upon them makes it impossible. In my experience with offenders they would love to have a job, stay in compliance, and possibly get into some type of treatment. Not only are they just getting out of jail, they probably lost their job upon incarceration, and they are “labeled” which makes prospective employers dismiss their applications. Upon release they and their families are faced with a bad economy, no job, banned from living in certain zones, and landlords that prevent them from available housing. While I understand that certain populations need to be supervised for a period of time, I disagree with the “for life Registry”. Like most people I don’t condone breaking the law. But taking out the cost of registering for sex offenders would enable a person to stay compliant, lessen the fear of police and give them back their ability to contribute to society, Too often we forget about the hardships thrust upon the family of some offenders.