Reply To: Putting IML into perspective


Hello Civil rights for All, Washington state is indeed a state of secretive based policies to offenders off probation, in part, I believe
It is due to the liabilities it suffered from vigilante angst committed against exposed registrants addresses some years back whom were either maimed or killed by self-justice seeking criminals. It has evolved into democratic policies that remotely protect registrants to a minor degree even though individual police officers meant to check on residency either further expose or make obvious a residence status. To a degree
These states skirt the law and carefully catwalk across the constitution to circumvent bill of attainder standards. By no means are you precluded from travel to every single country, but in light of Trump’s ban on visitors
We are likely as citizens to suffer some to of retaliation or reciprocity in “some” countries. Not all is lost or in the lamb. Research! Retort and Reorganize! You can still travel to many available locations.