Reply To: Putting IML into perspective

Civil Rights for ALL

I agree 100%…. Why isn’t more being done to attack the foundations of all this crap. Attack Megan’s law, AWA, IML on the unconstitutional “BILL OF ATTAINDER”. I’M SORRY BUT I’M HIGHLY OFFENDED BY THIS ARTICLE. I’m sorry for all the RSO’S that are affected by these residency restrictions. I live in Washington state and we don’t have many of the restrictions that other states have fortunately. Also after I got out of prison in 2003 I went back to school and got my Bachelor of science degree and have got a great paying job with a company that knows all about my past. The company I work for has partners and offices in other countries but now due to IML I can no longer travel to do my duties. Is this jeopardizing my job…. No they can simply send someone else…… But now I can’t even travel for vacation. I’m truly sorry for all the RSO’s that are homeless I truly am. However, when I got out of prison I didn’t have anyone to help me and I worked my ass off to overcome and not let the BS KEEP ME FROM succeeding. You want Reform… Stop pissing up a rope and attack the pillars the government’s build all this off of and do some serious research and use the Bill of Attainder. Sorry this article really stuck a nerve. But if the Pillars fall it will all fall.