Reply To: Putting IML into perspective



Les, we appreciate your candor and honesty. It certainly was never NARSOL’s intent to contribute to anyone’s pain over the passage of IML or to desensitize the shame people may face in their attempts to travel internationally. Instead, we felt it was important to point out that, for a great many people of the registry, the last thing on their minds is an inability to travel internationally. Instead, they simply want to recover their ability to travel and live where they choose in their own communities. We hear from a wide variety of people who suffer daily as a consequence of the registry and the many restrictions that go along with it. Some of those people have expressed despair that the IML issue seems more important than anything else. And they feel as though the fight to fix the more immediate issues of their lives has been overshadowed by a fight that will never do them any practical good. In sum, they don’t have the ability to travel internationally to begin with. But they would very much like to go to the movies, or to the mall, or to their church, or to a swimming pool. –Admin