Reply To: Putting IML into perspective


I agree with you 100% H n H. The problem is that we all (attorneys included) have to put on an “act” in the court rooms. Court rooms are NOT for arguing cases, they are for the DA to make HIS point to the judge and the judge gets to shut everyone else up when you try to raise good points.
It’s not “politically correct” to say that teenagers seduce older people. We KNOW it happens. THEY know it happens. But we have to PRETEND it DOESN’T happen and that the teenager is a victim of someone else’s seduction.
So let’s pretend Amy Fisher wasn’t so obsessed with Joey Buttafuoco and it was really Joey who shot his own wife in the face. A teenager would NEVER do such a thing due to sexual feelings and emotions for another human being…well…not an OLDER human being, right? SMH. I’m sick to death of teens being referred to as “victims” in consensual relationships.
Sure, it can be an ILLEGAL relationship, but don’t refer to someone as a “victim”.
I’m still waiting for someone to ask Priscilla Presley how “victimized” she felt when she was 14 and being courted by 24 yr old Elvis. No one wants to go there, eh? I damn sure would. I’d have that woman on the phone for an interview ASAP. Ask her what she thinks of what happens to people today who do what her former (deceased) husband did with her.