Reply To: Putting IML into perspective

H n H

We can only hope and pray for a return to a free country. I’m not one to condone abusing a child, however, enslaving an individual in the government system is NOT the solution. If we’re going to go back in time to throw people on the registry, then let’s ban Elvis Presley from the R&R Hall of Fame, and destroy all his records. No? Then perhaps we need to bring up his relationship with Priscilla to those who deem everyone on the registry as being monsters. I wonder how much talent our nation has lost as a result of the over exaggeration of sex “crimes”. Give it a few years people, if we don’t tone things back, then just glancing at an underage girl will be a felony. Think not? Just give it time. We’re already prosecuting teenagers as adults for sexual exploitation of a minor when they take pictures of themselves, the laws being twisted into making them an adult, and then perverted further by making themselves be their own victim. How insane do you want to go here? Is it going to get so bad that a young teenager masturbating can be arrested? What are we going to do then? Restrain them until they hit 18 for pleasuring themselves? Give me a break…