Reply To: Putting IML into perspective


IML is a serious smokescreen over the underlying and ulterior motives the state and federal governments have
In exacting cumbersome and inconvenient policies over registered citizens. I was in the military and driving multiple passengers around a military base on buses or sometimes vans, students and VIP’s alike and was subsequently denied entry as registrant in my personal vehicle and told he military police officer I was active duty and entry was absolutely necessary and his untrained ass brought me to His civilian supervisor to get a flimsy pass that was imprinted (“RSO good to go!”), which did not sit well with me, no matter how cute-sounding the paraphrased rhyme. It got old really quick due to being delayed from performing my official duties. I then reported to the provost marshal office to address the issue and the civilian technician discovered I was a level one and removed me from having a unique identifier printed-out pass to access base. These things are a mirroring example of the trickle effect mimicking
policies akin to emulate the IML. The Obama administration has been most mute, as to carefully not bring any notoriety or attention to these enacted policies. If you noticed the media has notably been silent on the same issue to effectively prevent a slant in future or substantive litigation in regard
To these unconstitutional disparities. This is deliberate and intended under certain terms and practices.
I ironically,a few years earlier worked the same position as the police officer who scanned my ID and discovered
I was a RSO. At the time of my duties I was in fact a RSO, a convicted felon and officially carrying a firearm with the federal governments knowledge , even after being reported on by subordinate staff that I was a RSO.
I was simply brought into the office by senior staff and was told I would stay on the job with staff because of
My dedication and commitment regardless of my past. To hell with naysayers and Joe do-gooders I stood up against the status quo and we all should when given the arising chance. I’m out now and have a military ID to
Enter base where is the threat? Lawmakers need to lay down their lies and protect the protectors instead of themselves and careers. Most offenders are sorry for their crimes more than ever getting caught , and intend
To move themselves from any further transgressions. I am off registry in my state of conviction and NEVER want to be branded with anyone’s brush ever again in my life. President Trump should take caution in enacting in such similarly situated laws and correctly follow the constitution.