Reply To: Putting IML into perspective

H n H

Well, something needs to be addressed here. What exactly constitutes a “sex crime”? I’ve brought this up time and time again, and no one seems to pay any heed to it. The scope of what the lawmakers have defined as “sexually offensive” is now so broad, with no regard to the life of the person being accused. Destroy their family, their reputation, their career, put them on the registry and ostracize them from even feeling that they belong in society… basically, DESTROY them in every manner possible without outright killing them, push them to the brink of suicide and vigilantism by the public against those on the registry! And be sly enough by using the power of the courts to mask it all as “protecting a child”. Meanwhile the teen “victims” and the DA laugh!

I really don’t know how to get this through to you people anymore. More often than not, the damage done to the individual cast by the DA as a “victim” in a trial is vastly FAR FAR! more traumatizing than what happened to begin with! What is lacking here is actual harm! The only harm caused out of the entire event was the involvement of the court system! And NO ONE will address this point!

How, in this country (Idaho) can someone shove a wire hanger up another persons rectum, causing great bodily harm and NOT be put on the registry? Yet something far less trivial happens between a seductive teenager and an older person the teen refuses to stop pursuing, and the courts go ape sh*t crazy for something the teen outright caused!?!? Or the internet sex stings… there are an awful lot of amorous police out there who seem to know what young teenage girls attract in men and are willing to flaunt it, not to protect a girl, but to destroy a mans life. Who gains out of this? The girl? The man whose life they destroy? No.. the system, the courts. Their precious power!

Picture this country where sex crimes (Violent rapes excepted) were labeled as a civil law infraction with stiff fines towards the “victims” rather than an offense against the state which gains in more incarcerated individuals. Does anyone think things would be different? Oh you bet! When was the last time anyone was tried in court for adultery or fornication? The police don’t care, and don’t have time to deal with that crap. But borderline underage teens are a perfect niche in society for them to pursue their lust of power. And their power (NOT the public) is what this entire thing is about. You have teen girls and their families begging to not take a young man into court, destroying his life, yet the DA is just so greedy and lustful for his “felony” record count that he can’t sleep at night if he doesn’t charge this man with the absolute worst charges possible!

I do support standardized education in school for ALL girls, and boys to know that what they do COULD and WILL have serious legal implications if the person they are with is older. But we don’t want to go there either! The powers to be just want the crimes to keep happening! Just what is going on here?