Reply To: NARSOL, NCRSOL file suit challenging North Carolina’s sex offender registry

George George George of the Jungle

This case is in Nashville (6th Circus) RIGHT NOW! And my friends in “high places” tell me it’s a shoe-in for passage.
I too am being abused long after I paid my debt to society and haven’t been able to get a job in over 17 years! No health insurance, no food stamps or welfare for me! (I have too many assets). So I live on my savings and my wife works.
I was turned into a “violent” offender at the stroke of a politician’s pen. Going by my Alford Plea bargin I was to be registered for 10 years….and now it’s for life!
There’s really no point in living in a world where I have no 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, or 14th Amendment rights here in the “freeworld”.
Pray for all the families of RSO’s who suffer worse than we do; They did nothing wrong yet they pay the same price for these obviously ex post facto laws! They’re immoral and unConstitutional.