Reply To: NARSOL, NCRSOL file suit challenging North Carolina’s sex offender registry


In Search of Liberty

Not so fast people! Just finished taking a look at Mr. Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Mr. Neil Gorsuch’s record or rulings in cases involving RSOs while on the 10th Circuit: NEWS FLASH! If Mr. Gorsuch is confirmed, don’t look for any favors from this man on SO should Snyder, NC and TN make it to SCOTUS. While on the bench with the 10th Circuit, Mr. Gorsuch ruled AGAINST all petitioners attacking his/her state’s SO laws—EVERY CASE. Therefore, if SCOTUS grants the MI AG’s cert in Snyder, more than likely Mr. Gorsuch will be on the bench and more than likely he will rule in favor of overturning Snyder. But that’s just my analysis. Who knows, he may surprise me—NOT!