Reply To: NARSOL, NCRSOL file suit challenging North Carolina’s sex offender registry


I used to live there and was unaware of how strict the laws were there. I registered my son at school(I am an SO that had nothing to do with kids) and was told by my police report that I had committed a felony by doing so. Also that my work was too close to a church. I said I had nothing to do with kids but his response was as follows, “This is the bible belt. You should have known better then to move here.” He gave me a choice and said leave the state and never come back or go to jail. So I left within 2 days of him saying that and didn’t look back. So having thier laws changed would be great, but it pretty much is too little to late. I had a great job with a company that understood my situation but archaic laws of a backwards thinking state messed that up. Keep up the good fight for SO’s that don’t have a voice and are afraid to speak up.