Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit


Hey James, my probation started pretty rough- it started with a bunch of restrictions that weren’t ordered by the judge. Like you say, often it isn’t up to individual agents- they are following the rules they are given.

In my case, i tried to move to another area in my state but got denied by that other probation department for all kinds of dumb reasons- like there was a crosswalk/daycare/school/church/park, ect ect.

I wasn’t able to move and needed to find somewhere to live. Probation Ok’d the first residence i offered up. So now i live across the street from a park, next to a crosswalk. There’s even daycare’s in my neighborhood and a school a few blocks away. So it seems that different probation departments have different styles.

I was arrested in a sting. While taking responsibility for what i DID do i’ve maintained all along that it’s wrong to punish me for what i MIGHT have done. In my opinion the whole situation was taken out of context. Responding to an ad posted on craigslist- with it’s implicit sexuality- is not the same as actively trying to molest children.

I needed to make some changes in my life. And i have. Now could we please hit the “reset button”?