Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit

H n H

Beings that escape from this country is the only hope of ever living life to its fullest again (away from the “land of the free”), I wonder if seeking asylum in another country isn’t out of the question? Seriously, there are countries that would laugh at some of the charges a lot of us are on the registry for. Those same countries may offer asylum to the tyranny of the USA. One of the first comments a relative made about my arrest to me was “When you get this all behind you, you just need to leave the country”. Seems like pretty sound advice. Of course, to the lawmakers, there’s nothing wrong. They’re just “protecting the children”. Well, there wasn’t anything wrong in Nazi Germany either and we all know how their little hiccup in the 30’s and 40’s turned out. Today, just the term Nazi is scorned upon for what their government did to their people. Yet the people were behind the government for the safety net they promised their citizens. I will vow to everyone here, give it 50 years or less, and this country will be right there. Hopefully, by then I won’t be around to see it.

Before my case came to light, I found myself in an isle at Lowes where a young girl, probably 3 was sitting in a shopping cart on the front edge of the basket. Her mother was turned around not paying attention, and the back of the cart near the handle began tipping up form her weight. Instinctively, making a split second decision, I put my hand on her back and said “hey look out there!” as I grabbed the front the cart she was sitting on to keep it from tipping over. Her mother turned to me and nearly came unglued demanding I get my hands off her daughter, and get away from her. I stood there stunned at the mothers reaction. What was I supposed to do? Get the mothers attention 15 ft away? By that time the young girl would have been on the floor with the cart on top of her with a serious injury. So, today? If I were to see that, as a registrant, the absolute very last thing I’d want to do is put my hand on the child to keep her from tipping the cart over and cracking her head open. Due to the registry and the perverted court system, all manner of good intentions are OUT for me. That mother, if so inclined, could just instantly snap and call the police. Then once them clowns are involved and the DA gets a hold of the situation and discovers that a registered sex offender was touching a child while her mothers back was turned. Well, we all know how that would go down. They would twist that into a million different scenarios, finding the best narrative for them, that I was trying to kidnap the girl or something sick to feed their lust for power. There is no end to their depravity. I’m so sickened… just angered at the reality of how easily that could happen, I can’t put it into words. I shudder to think of walking away and hearing a crash and a young girl screaming in pain. But hey, the registry and the police have more power over our lives than GOD on this earth. That much I know for certain.

The registry, sex hysteria, and over exaggeration of sex laws has GOT to change. Where do we want these laws to take us in another 10 years? 20?