Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit

James Townsend

David, PO officers are only doing their job and they have a boss and they do what the judge says and the rules that sex offenders have to go by. They are more of a go between if you must say. As for a polygraph testing and a pre-questions sure I told the truth. I would rather tell the truth than get hooked up to some machine.

While I went back to my PO and tried to reconcile all this out with him he is giving me an opportunity to explain the whole thing. The polygraph test wouldn’t exist if the original ordeal didn’t happen and I’m sure most know that these internet sting ordeals are more of con type game or manipulative move to enforce some ordeal that was made up in the first place thru a computer. Sort of a control operation with a sin slant of a sex nature.

In the long run it is basically a devils trick to prevent what they gave you with this opportunity. I don’t know to many servants of God that give opportunities to do this type of deceit. Do any of you.