Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit

H n N

Doing away with the registry and taming back the liberal rhetoric that ANY and EVERY act involving a body part which could lead to arousal is assumed sexual and thus automatically a crime should be the goal of NARSOL. The most striking argument AGAINST the registry is that local governments and law officials can not be trusted with how they’ll pervert facts of an event to make whatever into a crime. Their power is too vast in perverting events to MAKE crimes out of anything for their own gain. The purpose of power is to protect the people, not to enslave them. In other countries the age of consent is lower. In other countries, what I was charged with would have been laughed at by the police before it even reached a DA. But not here. We allow these laws “to protect the children”…. while turning a blind eye to what really hurts a child. Children are hit by vehicles on Halloween, yet the registry exists to harass people on it to not enjoy their existence as a human being during Halloween because “you’re a risk of harming a child”. Well, then if the registry is there because “what if it saves just one child from trauma” then it’s worth it, then do away with Halloween altogether, after all, isn’t the goal of such laws existence to protect the little child?

Further, the internet has made this all too easy for vigilantism (Moody’s) to be all over. That was NOT supposed to happen with the implementation of registry. But it does, along with all the restrictions states have added making life unbearable. Simply put This government sponsored bullying has got to come to an end. When houses of registrants are bombed (Cape Cod), or people are targeted for assassination simply for being on the registry (Donald Robinson, others…) then there is a problem. Those peoples lives matter just as much as the teenager they USED to get the conviction with. The laws are not there to twist and pervert to justify parents anger for what their teenagers get involved in, they are there for laws for bringing actual harm to someone or theft. A sexually promiscuous teenager is hardly “harmed”, and we all know it.