Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit


I’m still in SOT and last week our counselor told us flat out, “you guys need to stand up and advocate for yourselves”.

That came in response after one guy in my group made the remark, “i don’t mind being on the registry”. I blew my top right in group and said everything you’d expect me to say. When i was done i thought, uh oh….That was when the counselor chimed in….

My P.O. is very understanding and seems to be in agreement with our assessment of the registry. I would even say there seems to be shift in my local probation’s attitude towards those of us who are registered. There’s been no polygraphs the last 6 or 8 months…probation even wrote emails to the company doing the treatment requesting that some of the “lifers” in our group be allowed to complete the class. Usually you’re in there til you’re off paper.

So there are some pockets of enlightenment.

Probation officers are people too and i’ve been blessed to have great agents. Since becoming registered several years ago due to a “bait n switch” sting my method has been to try and change people’s minds regarding sex crimes and the registry by being honest and open. Of course, it’s somewhat easier for me…totally victim-less crime etc. but my experience with folks, after i explain the situation, is usually positive.

We DO need to advocate for ourselves. Show the world that we are human beings not monsters. How to get more people involved?