Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit



The reason you won’t get RSO’s to “chip in” is because they fear speaking up. Especially the ones on probation. It’s in their minds that if they speak up, they’ll get sent back to prison. Last I checked, you cannot be arrested for freedom of speech or thought expression. But you just can’t convince the RSO’s of that.

I stood up to my probation officer. 4 yrs ago I filed a complaint with a civil rights organization against them. But, since everyone is scared to fight the system, the rights rep I spoke to when myself and the director of probation went to a hearing, told me I should just basically bow down and kiss their asses because “that’s what my conditions of probation say I have to do”.
I tried to tell him that the “conditions” of probation was exactly the reason I filed the complaint in the first place. This rep/attorney didn’t seem to want to be bothered with me.

If enough of us join together, there is strength in numbers. One person will be kicked to the curb. But a few hundred will be listened to.