Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit


I would look for a resolution some time in March or April. But the resolution may look odd. It will be the difference between denying cert or (as in Packingham) assigning the petition to a sequence of conferences. Supposing that cert is actually granted, that will set a new clock for the submission of briefs in support of the petition (as well as a more protracted schedule for briefs in opposition to the petition). Let’s just imagine that cert gets granted in April. By the time both the petitioners and the respondents (amici) have time to perfect briefs, we’re well into June….and the Court is about to call it quits for the session. This is why I’m suggesting that EVEN IF cert is granted, we’re not likely to see an outcome to the Snyder case until 2018. If the Court denies cert, we’ll probably see that sooner and the matter will be over.