Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit


The Packingham case is actually scheduled for oral arguments on February 27. The Packingham petition was filed in January, 2016–well before the Michigan petition (which was filed in December, 2016). The Packingham petition has been granted. The Snyder petition has not be granted. The respondents in the Snyder case (which is the ACLU) have been given until February 16 to file a response to the request for certiorari. The Supreme Court can take as long as it wants to decide whether or not to accept or deny the petition in Snyder. Given the timing of the petition, I would not expect the Court to have time to set the case for oral argument this session EVEN IF the petition were granted. There’s a lot of ball field left to cross in the Snyder case EVEN IF the petition is granted. And, in case the point is not yet clear, the petition HAS NOT been granted in Snyder–yet.