Reply To: NARSOL in the news | NC lawsuit

James Townsend

I would just like to say to NARSOL that they will have their hands full with this law suit. You see government wants to win over everything mankind does as that is the way it is, call it human greed. On a lighter note I have had a bit of a run-in with Brenda’s views about this agenda and my article that I sent her about the President taking some action,
It was about getting something in the newspaper and she wished me good luck. I will be going to court soon myself the last of this month, and yes I am in for a battle too.
I noticed in one article on here that it talked about worship. sounds odd to me since Brenda told me NARSOL is not about religion. Well if man’s / government or authority is above the creator’s authority would one have to say man is overthrowing the creator’s authority?…. now I’m not sure what is what with NARSOL if they are going in one direction or another. All I know is that man’s way will never work. Of course to each their own as I have made no sense since I’ve been posting on here I’m sure. All sex offenses are different in this internet sex game where police are playing the harlot.
I guess like they say… man’s way is always the best way but I think this matter is a bit different… can you all say slaves for life or are you all being duped out of your inalienable rights.