Reply To: Improvement in media’s message portends favorably for future


James Townsend

Most of us will likely avoid ever having our names listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, but virtually none of us is without sin in this area. Whether in word, deed or in X-rated imagination, we have compiled our own record of secret (or not so secret) wrongdoing we’d rather not have exposed.
Now while one can not predict the future do a lot of these warning signs flash up to those caught up in all this sex dilemma. At the time of the simple basic internet sting offense or any other sexual situation they think one is a human beast.
Well believe it or not we are all carnal by nature and creatures of habit if you want to zoom that on the radar screen.
A lot of this sex treatment makes one more susceptible to sexual addiction than a natural cause. Think about it. I don’t know if they still teach sex education in schools or give out condom’s anymore but that tells you right there about the government.
For all its worth a lot of these offense are oppressive to say the least. Not only for the victim but the one doing the enticing or seducing in these adventures of a sexual nature.
Governments are not suppose to oppress people but to serve the oppressed. So who says a wolf can’t be tame or a sex offender can’t be a regular citizen and live in a community with some status or should we warn on TV like drunk drivers, I think warning sex offenders are out of the question as the sex offender is the lowest of the bunch according to the Government at this point.