Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials



It is as OBVIOUS as the sky is BLUE. The PROBLEM is the wording of his original charge: Sexual battery of a Juvenile Female. That phrase sounds bad. That simple wording can conjure up all sorts of imagined and dastardly things. Did the original problem (his original conviction) warrant such a broad and somewhat SCARY definition. VERY doubtful. The law process seems to have a perverted understanding of the use of language. Perverted in the sense that the words they use are misapplied and redefined to suit their whim. With little or no regard for letting words accurately stay within their clear definitions.

I hold the PROSECUTORS, the JUDGES, AND THE LAWYERS accountable for this murder. The inmates and the guards who house them are barely literate, much less intelligent on the whole. The guards knew his original charge wording, they knew he would be targeted. The word got to the prison population, and that was all it took. They knew this would happen before it happened. The words – Sexual Battery of a Juvenile Female – they illicit a knee jerk reaction, especially from the uneducated and uninformed. The persons who formulated applied those words know this.
Not the least of which is the PO who violated him over an old, unused FB account. Get a life. You must be kidding me. All the trouble and hassle and taxpayer’s costs of incarcerating someone over an abandoned FB account????

The haughty members of the Tangipahoa Parrish Sheriffs department who are gloating over this death like – ‘Ha, Ha, Ha. We take care of perverts in this land.’ You are the true ignoramus and pervert and you, along with those I before mentioned, will stand before the judgement of the Almighty Creator. That is all I know to say.

I know none of these people and I never have met any of them. But I am as sure as the sky is blue this is the result of the perverted and dastardly way lawyers and judges are allowed to mess around with the language and stigmatize someone far beyond and above what would be appropriate for whatever misstep, accident, or misdeed they may be in trouble over.

We need an intelligent legal system, not this evil monstrosity we are living under the yoke of.