Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials


If he used his real full name on his Facebook page, I’m surprised Facebook themselves didn’t close his account. They closed MY account twice..and I used a FAKE name. I think they do facial recognition and caught on by my pics of me and my ex.
We ALL have a right to know what’s going on in the world. Social media is becoming the norm for this even more than the TV news.
Lots of companies are forcing people to go through their Facebook pages to get in touch with them or, in some cases, even apply for jobs! Yes! I’ve seen it myself.

At my former job, my boss used to tell us to help get the word out about our live entertainment and drink specials by going on Facebook and helping to advertise for our restaurant. This was AFTER my 2nd FB page got deleted by FB so I didn’t bother making a new one again. It’s pretty friggin awkward when you’ve got co-workers wanting to talk about how they got “x” amount of people liking their posts about our live events and I’m looking and pretending to agree but not ever having the courage to say “I can’t have a FB page because apparently I’m a monster”. The only person who knew of my offense background was the man who decided to hire me. I don’t tell everyone and I’ve told my Probation officers that I am NOT telling everyone and they were ok with that decision.

But my point here is Facebook kicks off sex offenders who are still on the registry so how did this man’s FB page still stay active AFTER his conviction?

We can fight the social media ban all we want with the local authorities, but remember, the social media sites take it upon themselves to do background checks and remove you from the site.
If you’re on the SOR, you can’t even use … I know…I tried.