Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials


Dave D,

The funny thing about these jailhouse warriors who don’t like sex offenders is that they will be the first ones to “sexually harass” the female prison guards. I know. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it.
In the county jail I was in prior to sentencing, there was a Latina corrections officers who was seriously SMOKIN hot. Every ghetto, ratchet thug on the cell block would nearly be masturbating when she did her walk throughs. And the things they would say were so demeaning to her as a woman, you had to wonder how any of these men ever got laid out in the world.

So these prison warriors are just a bunch of hypocrites. The longer they’re locked up, the more intense their sexual frustration becomes. And if they were to be locked in a room with a 15 yr old, make no mistake that they wouldn’t take advantage of it.

Prison warriors make me sick. They committed crimes also. That’s why they’re there. But don’t expect them to mind their own business – ever.