Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials

James Townsend

H n H I agree with your point to some extent. I deleted my face book accounted or deactivated it in front of my PO but that doesn’t cut the mustard. Brenda I agree with a lot of your things you are trying to do and Sandy sometimes I don’t know where your coming from.
Now the law doesn’t have to tell the public anything, as they are a Law to themselves. Yes they started out serving the public but do you all know what government is all about or why it was instituted?
A government exist to serve those oppressed? Lets say I didn’t want to go to War. Well from governments view point I’m a draft dodger. Lets say I didn’t want to go down and meet some fictitious person. Well the government said they would come and get me anyway. Yes we all have second thoughts about right and wrong but it seems today government is never wrong.
Now why does one want to condemn an advocate to try and help others? You know we are only human and we all have mixed opinions but stand up for one’s rights is the right thing to do….Where is the love in any of this? None of us are perfect.