Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials


Unfortunately, this is how society sees sex offenders no matter if they are convicted be Australia e they are guilty or because our decradon sentencing guidelines allows prosecutors all the power in the courtroom, not the judge, to coerce people into pleading guilty and get a lesser sentence. Child pornography crime sentences have increased 500% over the last 15 years. The sad part is the way the sentencing guidelines are written; one size fits all. A person who downloads child pornography will get just as much prison time, and in some cases more than someone who actually touches a child. I do not condone either, but what is wrong with this picture. It is because of the stigma of the sexual offender. All these national organizations want to reduce the mandatory minimum sentences for drug charges, and I am for that too. But, no one wants to step up and go toe to toe with Congress and the State legislators in an effort to reduce sentencing guidelines for child pornography possession. Many of the people start looking at adult porn first. Just like drugs, alcohol, food, it becomes an ADDICTION. All the courts want to do is put people in prison and throw away the key instead of addressing the addiction and getting people the help they need. It would cost taxpayers a lot less money if the courts would provide low level, non-violent offenders treatment, instead of prison where taxpayers have to feed, clothe any house them to the tune of about $35,000 per year. Beatings such as this would not occur hopefully. However, until society’s stigma changes regarding sexual offenders, unfortunately, they are guilty until proven innocent.