Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials


HnH, I really feel you in this comment – and I and the rest of our Board are all incensed that this can (and does) happen anywhere. I don’t know where you are from, but I do also know that there ARE still courts that are fair, or try to be, even when a PO tries to violate someone over a minor technicality, or a prosecutor goes for the throat. No, THIS court did not, and THIS parish did not. We are grieved by this every bit as much as you are.

With this press release, we specifically chose to attack the prison system that failed to protect Tommy once he was violated. This was his RIGHT to safety that was violated, every bit as much as registered citizens’ RIGHTS are violated by being punished beyond their sentences and beyond reason. It is not that we have no care for the stupidity of such a violation, or for the heartless system that gave no quarter to this man. We don’t know his full story, but what we DO know without a shadow of a doubt is that REGARDLESS of what he did in the first place, or what his violation might have been, he had a right to be reasonably safe in that prison.

Rest assured that as much as we are able, we will continue to fight for persons convicted of sexual offenses whenever and wherever we can.