Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials

James Townsend

Did someone say Probation violation for not closing their face book account? Sounds strange to me but the main thing about face book is that they don’t want people talking to kids…. I can arrest and assure you that one doesn’t want to go back to their vomit.

Law enforcement are just as guilty by this. They are suppose to protect and serve. This guy lost his life in Jail. How I don’t know. The beatings I don’t know but I would have to say that all this needs to be addressed. Yes, I will be going back to court for my little face book violation but face book is not the point its authorities that want to be big daddy bad..a__ if you want to call it that.

While I answered everything truthfully about my face book ordeal and even buying alcohol (which was rubbing alcohol) they still say I disobeyed the PO”s orders which was vague at the least. So the whole ordeal has to be from square one and he is giving me that opportunity. … these are a lot of hurdles for the sex offender to go thru but a lot of it is man’s/government’s pride……. since when is deception legal to use or in that case lying………. in this case that got that boy killed.