Reply To: NARSOL demands answers from parish officials

H n H

Upon reading this, I am to the point of giving up any fight against the system. I am so appalled by this, I find myself literally grieving tears for this man. How this could happen in America is an absolute disgusting shame. This thread should explode with anger! This is the direct result of the reaction of the courts to prosecute anything and everything under the sun. WHY CAN’T ANYONE SEE THAT? So he had a facebook account… SO WHAT! Have him log on with his PO there and close it, no big deal. But no, that isn’t possible in the USA, and definitely not to the TANGIPAHOA PARISH Sherrifs office which posts pictures of officers in full military gear with bullet proof vests and machine guns on the front page of their website. Yeah, that’s a friendly group of people who want to “serve” the community. That is the world we live in, and yet NARSOL makes no mention of the complete over exaggeration of a simple stupid completely harmless technical probation violation, but rather that Mr Smith should have been protected better. Apparently if he had no issues, his prison sentence would have been ok with everyone and wouldn’t even make news here. It takes his brutal and horrendous death for any mention to come to the surface. While I don’t know the circumstances of his crime, it’s unlikely he lured his accuser using facebook. But this mans life means NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! The value of his life takes vast priority to the system by being locked up and sucking up tax money than being able to be loved by the members of his family. I’m so sick of this crap. This is a prime example of the government going far FAR FAR overboard with prosecutions!

I take a strong issue with Ms Jones assertion that the system needs to do more to protect the prisoners. That statement completely foregoes the fact that the court system is NOT, I repeat is NOT EVER ONCE EVER an entity with any soul or compassion towards the life of anyone. They are a group of cut throat individuals hell bent on making a volcano out of a mouse fart for their own gain. Their calloused temerity knows no limits. I would wager my retirement and my life that the DA who wrote him up and threw him in jail is most likely sleeping like a baby tonight, confidant that he did the right thing. I’m sure the news of the man being killed for something so stupid is as much a bother to him as the dirt under his fingernails. I’m so outraged by this, and it’s weighed so heavily on me, there is absolutely no escape from the tyranny of the court system. This is what we’re fighting against, and NARSOL, I hope you wake up and begin to see this as the forefront to the struggle of the registry.