Reply To: Rep. Smith’s arithmophilia over pedophilia doesn’t add up


I would also add that not all sex crimes against children are committed by “pedophiles.” In fact, studies have shown this to be uncommon. Most people who commit a sex crime against a child are “typical” in terms of their sexual attractions, i.e. near-same age persons of the opposite sex. The offender has a close relationship with a child, or develops one, and modifies the close relationship into a sexual one. That doesn’t mean he/she prefers children or is even attracted to them sexually.

Using terms like “pedophile” and “predator” allows people like Smith and former NC legislator Buck Newton to manipulate the masses and use sex offenders as political hockey pucks. What’s hilariously ironic is that the NC House in 2015 passed a resolution to “uphold the Bill of Rights in its entirety” out of one side of their mouths while passing clearly unconstitutional laws against sex offenders for the last 20 years out of the other. Anxiously awaiting the outcome of Packingham and NCROSL’s federal suit.