Reply To: Rep. Smith’s arithmophilia over pedophilia doesn’t add up


GLITTERING GENERALITIES: Has anyone ever wondered how these laws in congress even get passed on a bipartisan basis? What they (congress people) will do is site the same bite of text used to pass the AWA or SORNA to pass other little laws that deny some type of benefit or public assistance. You have all these laws e.g. a sex offender is ineligible to receive an FIDC loan or receive food stamps ect.

The more specific and unchecked quote from the bite of text used to foster bipartisan support is “…previously convicted sex offenders are 3 times more to commit another sex crime…” but that only applies to a very tiny number of individuals that hold the 95% accountable for retroactive civil sanctioning and albeit to punish which is not rationally related to protecting children or the public at large.

Remember this GLITTERING GENERALITIES are a political tool to deceive the readers perceptions of any issue for the bipartisan bandwagon of deception.