Reply To: Rep. Smith’s arithmophilia over pedophilia doesn’t add up


This law although well intentioned in no way shape or form prevents it’s quoted intent other than an in cases of extremely rare instances and random event; because it targets the wrong group of people said to be committing a certain and specific type of crime, when the actual group of people to which it should apply to that are actually committing these types of specific crimes; it has no effect in any way shape or form?

They (the above quoted congressman) used stats out of context and inconsistent with purpose of this bill made into law and lacks a any kind of credible cross validated efficacy which was to prevent or hinder “sex tourism of children” and “sex trafficking.”

The triangulation being conceded here is based solely on the concept that because X did this, so X must be responsible for what Y is doing.

It is like collectively blaming one group of people for any sex crime ever inherently committed in the United States and abroad internationally that had nothing to do with the specified intent of this law and applying that as a universal concept that did nothing to prevent its featured (factoid) intent.