Reply To: Rep. Smith’s arithmophilia over pedophilia doesn’t add up

Dave D

Was there evidence they were traveling to break sex laws in Thailand. I think they were just trying to escape the hell on earth that is USA for a ex-sex offenders. The law that is supposedly so successful is supposed to stop crimes from occurring not stop people from traveling freely or it is unconstitutional and against equal protections. If these a$$holes messed up my vacation with their paranoid law I would sue the crap out of them. I say they must prove that there was evidence these people were going to do wrong in Thailand if not then the people must be compensated for their losses. This BS has to be stopped or this will be everyone someday! Come on folks we got to let them know this is wrong and point out the law was to stop sex crime not travel so no this was not a success of this law unless they wanted to stop ex-offenders from travel which is unconstitutional. This makes me so mad i’m tiered of putting up with these idiots!