Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens


Shouldn’t even be a “we” whipped in to effect honestly. You are representing yourself as a criminal instead of a casualty. You are a victim of the most viscous scheme under these cloaked policies. I despised the fact that relationship starved or intimately rejected men are exploited on the internet when not even remotely looking for deviant or perverse interaction. People get lured and coerced often times at their most depressed and lonely periods of their lives. I can easily be exhausted from a days work come home get
On my computer and low and behold some slick talking undercover is trying to get me to succumb to his or her ulterior motives to affect quasi/pseudo forms of criminal entrapment. But let’s slide down this stick
with videos and recordings from the other side and show and prove how these organizations work whether private or public. I am retired and ironically a former law enforcement officer and see how easily one can be caught and charged in this trick hat schematics. You shouldn’t let good ole blue or big brother define who you are and fight back at all cost!