Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens

NH Registrant

The Registry has destroyed my entire life. If I dare get in a relationship with someone ever again, I have to make sure they know I am on the registry. Then, their entire family needs to know. The registry destroys people and that is one of the major reasons it exists. The main one is the steady source of state revenue because we all have to PAY for the privilege of being publicly shamed. The other reason is plain and basic revenge. It’s a revenge that makes people feel good because it gives them some sort of satisfaction that they put all of us evil “deviants” on a public list where we can be watched and they can keep their kids well away from our grasping claws. The average person doesn’t really check the registry to see if there are any registrants in their area. But, those who do wear it like a badge of honor. They are working to “protect the children”, of course! I have to laugh at Law Enforcement proclaiming this while they allow cops to commit far worse crimes than most of the people on the registry and let them get away with a slap on the wrist and no registration requirement. So, now they want to come terrorize people in their own homes on suspicion, do they? Great. I thought we were supposed to be better than the actual “terrorists” they talk about on TV all day? What happened to that “American Exceptional-ism” that politicians are so happy to adorn their speeches with? Doesn’t sound very “exceptional” to terrorize your own citizens.