Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens

James Townsend

Charleston, WV that brings back memories to me. I guess its still the corrupt and dirty town it use to be. The chemical factory of the world. Yes those in that area look for drama anywhere they can get it. I don’t know about that city today but that whole town use to be full of thugs and now with the sex offender ordeal its trying to thrive again. Ok they have to raise revenue some way even if they have to bait and switch in the name of protecting someone.
Setting up people, doing these spot checks, coming into your home uninvited. All of this is ridiculous.
Most of those people over in Charleston were heads to start with. Drugs were rampid to start with and sex magazines and x-rated films where all over. I lived in Charleston for a while and that was before the internet but seems these county mounties want to make a name for themselves so they will impose themselves just to make a name for themselves and to intimidate others with all this hijinks.
Its a shame the one’s on the registry have to go thru all this.
My advice to you all is….. People stand up… don’t be intimidated. If your weak your never gone get anywhere. A lot of all this is vain glory.