Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens


Does a compliance check include a warrant to search houses and computers?

When I get a compliance check I show them my ID and send them on their way. If they want to look at anything else, they better show me a warrant. If they want to interrogate me, they can talk to my lawyer.

I have to assume those nabbed for violations were either still on probation or didn’t know when to stop talking. Not that I condone any criminal behavior, but I still expect law enforcement to go through the proper channels.

We have similar sensational names for our annual compliance checks here. They make it sound as if the state police just decided to come together and take their community protection services an extra mile because they are just so damned nice and caring, rather than its part of their job.

These names make compliance checks sound like carefully planned raids, executed after months of undercover investigations to bring down a crime family or a drug kingpin. They give the impression that all registrants are up to no good and should be feared.