Reply To: Operation “Over-the-top” | Rounding up American citizens


“State Police, U.S. Marshal round up sex offenders in ‘Operation Frostbite’ effort“? Because this make it sound like the sex offenders are offending or re-offending doing something wrong. It is to reinforce the idea that there is a continuing battle raging to keep these sex offenders in line. What needs to happen here is for one of their stupid little operations to go horribly wrong in some way to shine a spotlight on it and what it really is. I don’t think we will have to wait to long since they are now trying to kill sex offenders. They black list you so you cant get a job and now are trying to disqualify RSO’s from food stamps = death sentence for some. What do RSOL’S have to lose anymore what do they have other then a miserable existence? This is what was planned for them all along it is revenge plane and simple. What is more frighting to a man then the loss of his member. Humane people would never allow this but what about blacklisted from dating, love, and romance it accomplishes the same thing and those on probation cannot even have pornography. So in effect take away all avenues for sexual satisfaction and say its not punishment but protects children. If you want to defeat this travesty of a sham create a dating web site for sex offenders exclusively so they can truly live. Most RSO have nothing not even hope so sorry about the rant but in at the end of my tolerance with this society!